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Success means bringing
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Join Our Programs in Learning How to Run
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Learn Mindful Business Practices Greatest Healing Abilities ~Find what is unique to you
~Bring your strengths to your practice
~Make each moment memorable
~Find your financial balance
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Become More Relevant to Your Clients


It starts with bringing your best abilities to your clients, releasing what holds you back and understanding the intersection between your client’s needs and your skills.


The key to securing & keeping clients is an authentic marketing and customer experience.  Learn how to create a soulful dialogue between you and your Client.


Clients need to know you are credible and trustworthy. Detailing what and how you heal is a part of the clients healing journey and will help the client feel more secure.


Essence is the “intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something that determines its character”, so it’s important to develop an essence that clients can rely on.

Our Services & Programs

Group ProgramsOur group programs are designed to help you learn how to sustain a business so you can bring your most valuable and rewarding skills to those in need of healing.
MarketingWe work with you to design compelling and authentic marketing programs for social media, email marketing, website content and more.
Business PlanningWe work with you to set goals, develop detailed plans that capitalize on your skills, and track finance, marketing, client experience, essence, and risk areas of your business.
Brand & GraphicsOur team will use your essence to develop your Brand and Graphics that will be the guide you in all you do within your healing practice.
Client Healing JourneyA client healing journey is critical for creating a deep and lasting relationship. It maps out the entire clients experience from the beginning to final experience with you.
AuthenticityLeverage your essence and enhance your brand to positively impact your clients by participating in an authenticity review.

Meet Our Team

Karen Laszlo20190917084521

Karen Laszlo

Business & Strategy
Missy Blake20190917080056

Missy Blake

Joyce Carcaise20190916180554

Joyce Carcaise

Jackie Johnston20190916174850

Jackie Johnston

Finance & Bookkeeping


Program and Consulting Pricing

The Healing Entrepreneur™ offers group programs, consulting services and coaching services.  Additionally, we offer a flexible monthly subscription service where you can choose what you need for that month.

Contact us for custom designed packages that fit your needs.

Business Basics Plus
$5754-Week Program + Calls
Envision Identify and Clarify your goals and what holds you back
Business Building BasicsMoney, Legal issues, Key metrics
Authentic MarketingReach, Attract and Retain clients
Your One Page WebsiteFundamentals of a one page dynamic website
Business Basics
$4758-Hour One Day Intensive
Envision Identify and Clarify your goals and what holds you back
Business Building BasicsMoney, Legal issues, Key metrics
Authentic MarketingReach, Attract and Retain clients
Your One Page WebsiteFundamentals of a one page dynamic website
$2252-week Program
Know Your Audience Create lasting relationships with your client
How to Reach Your Audience Learn where your audience is
Content that Attracts Develop relevant engaging content
Client ExperienceMake every touch point matter
Target Audience
$1491.5 Hour Group
Identify Your Target AudienceDiscover who would use your services
What About Them?Discover where they go, what they like, and why they would like what you have to offer
Full PersonaUsing our model to develop the full persona
How to Attract ThemWhat will encourage your target audience to reach out to you
Authentic Marketing
$500Consulting starting at
Branding Creating Branding & Messaging
Marketing Plan $1,000 +Build marketing plan to create awareness & messaging
Content that Attracts $1,000 - $1,500Build content for flyers, emails, website and newsletters
Your Unique Essence
$1992.5 Hour Consulting
What is your Essence Essence discovery of what is uniquely intrinsic to you
How do you Express your Essence Expressing your essence in your practice, marketing & offerings
Power Essence Use your essence in highly impactful ways
Essence in BrandMap Marketing to Essence
Graphic Design
$245Starting at
Logo Development ($245)Work with Missy to develop your unique logo (2 iterations)
Style Guide ($245)Using your Essence, Missy will develop your style guide for colors and fonts
Logo & Style Guide ($445)Using your Essence, Missy will develop your logo and style guide
Financial Matters
$345Starting at
Bookkeeping - $35/ hour
Set up Accounting - $399Using Quickbooks or Xero, we will set up your program and outline your process
Analyze Profits - starting at $249Review, analyze and suggest ways to be more profitable.

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