Complimentary Healers

Complimentary Healers

Accupuncture. Nutritionists. Fitness Trainers. Energy Healers. Spiritual Directors. Mediation Teachers. Yoga. Massage. Shamans. Herbalist.

I started the Healing Entrepreneur to help healers gain a more credible and professional position in the medicine market. The initial thought was just Alternative healing BUT a dear friend recommended we look at Complimentary as well and that felt so right!

Defining Complementary, Alternative, and Integrative Medicine

 Per Merck Manual
Complementary, alternative, and integrative medicine are terms often used interchangeably, but their meanings are different.

Complementary medicine refers to non-mainstream practices used together with conventional medicine.

Alternative medicine refers to non-mainstream practices used instead of conventional medicine.

Integrative medicine is health care that uses all appropriate therapeutic approaches—conventional and non-mainstream—within a framework that focuses on health, the therapeutic relationship, and the whole person.

Doctors are Working with Complimentary & Alternative Healers

Many doctors offer healing that is direct and impactful through surgery, drugs and may advise you to cut down on sugar, alcohol or just plain overeating, increase your exercise, and reduce your stress. For some of us, that is just the beginning! We still don’t feel like we are fully alive, living to our greatest potential.

“Western Medicine may just be the beginning for many people who want better health, more energy, greater vitality, and happiness! The next step is to focus on actually being healthy, having more energy, feeling relevant and vital, and finding joy and happiness in each day. That is where complimentary medicine & healing can propel you in achieving our top health & wellness goals!”   Karen Laszlo